Pattara Chanruechachai


Pattara Chanruechachai (born in 1971, Bangkok; lives and works in France) was involved in numerous international group exhibitions including All Time High (Gallery Ver, Bangkok, 2018); I know you (Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland, 2013); Safe Place in the Future (?) Dystopia Now Utopia never (Museum of Contemporary art and design, Manila, Philippine, 2013);Temporary Storage (Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok, 2012); Retro-Verspective (Gallery Ver, Bangkok, 2012); Arte Fiera, (Bologna, Italy, 2012); Safe Place in The Future II/ Dystopia now, Utopia never (Jim Thompson Art Center, Bangkok, 2012); Asia Contemporary Art Project: City_net Asia 2011 (Seoul, South Korea, 2011); Bangkok Density (Biagiotti Progetto Arte, Florence, Italy, 2011); Young Ladies, old chaps, and some Thai friends (Spazio A Gallery, Pistoia, Italy, 2009); Fifteen (Collectif Nai, France, 2008); Eternal Flame: Imagining a Future at the End of the World (Gallery at REDCAT, Los Angeles, USA, 2007); Belief (Singapore Biennale, Tanglin Camp, Singapore, 2006); Here and Now (About Café, Bangkok, 2004) Pattara has his solo show Glance left and right at Gallery Ver in 2011.

Selected Works