Kamolros Wonguthum


Kamolros Wonguthum (b.1992 Bangkok, lives and works in London and Bangkok) Her feminine approach towards structures of power employs an autobiographical approach in not victimizing the use of personal narrative. She wants to empower social value systems and concepts that are possibly considered vulnerabilities. Her practice aims to subvert aspects of gendered stereotypes, shifting how we objectify what we see.

Wonguthum’s work encompasses: installation, photography, video, writing, poetry and digital collage on mixed media, the work often amalgamates together, sitting on the fringes of each discipline. Her use of digital collage printed on vinyl speaks directly of the media industry, a billboard appropriation, public space though capitalization is subverted into empowering narratives of emancipation. Along with the glossy feel of the photographic prints, we see a synthesized story reflected back to us in abstracted tones, ejecting the personal into the public. Wonguthum’s choice in media, image and scale accentuates a starkly cute poetic of the social, teasing and daring us to indulge our imaginations. 

She has written a poetry book, Ros’ Flowers, published by LUMA Foundation, Switzerland. Her recent solo exhibitions includes I AM A FEMININE PROTAGONIST: I Look At You at Bangkok Art & Cultural Centre (BACC), Little Savage Little Swine at Monster House London, I AM A FEMININE PROTAGONIST: ฉันเป็นตัวนำหญิงแต่ฉันไม่ใช่นางเอก at VER Gallery, and Tales Of Eyes at Goldsmiths MFA Fine Art Degree Show.

Selected Works

Curriculum Vitae


  • 2017
    MFA Fine Art, Goldsmith University, London, UK
  • 2014
    BFA Visual Arts, Bangkok University, Thailand

Solo exhibition

  • 2018
    I AM A FEMININE PROTAGONIST: I Look At You’ curated by Nutthamon Pramsumran, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Thailand
    ‘Little Savage Little Swine’ Monster House, London, UK 
  • 2017
    ‘I AM A FEMININE PROTAGONIST’ Gallery VER project room, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 2012
    ‘Catharsis’ Soi Kasemsan, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 2008
    ‘Foto’ Yothinburana, Bangkok, Thailand

Group exhibition

  • 2016
    ‘Project X’ Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
    ‘MFA Fine Art Degree Show’ Goldsmiths University, London, UK
  • 2015
    Rubbbish & Romance’ 1 Octavius Street, London, UK
    ‘I always play for strangers’ Hartslane gallery, London, UK
  • 2014
    ‘Intimate Politik exhibition curated by Judha Su’ Speedy Grandma gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 2013
    ‘Jugen’ International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Salzburg, Austria
    ‘Woche der Romanzen’ Window Project IG, Messy Sky
    ‘Autocenter Summer Academy’ AUTOCENTER, Berlin, Germany
    ‘Full Stop exhibition’ Moonseeker Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
    ’89plus exhibition: “Poetry will be made by all!”’ Zurich, Switzerland
    ‘Quality Secondhand Art 2013: Re-creation’ Gallery VER, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 2012
     ‘GIRLSTALK about a girl’s work about girls’ TU Library, Bangkok, Thailand
    ‘Summer’ AUTOCENTER, Berlin, Germany
    ‘Rao Ma Yang Santi’ 3rd world cafe, Korat, Thailand
    ‘Frist night with S and S’ collaborative project with Orawan Arunrak, Jam Cafe, Bangkok, Thailand
    ‘Living Proof’ Bangkok University Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
    ‘One Touch’ Bangkok University Gallery (Rangsit), Thailand
  • 2011
    ‘Touch Na’ Fine and Applied Arts Building, Bangkok University, Thailand

Awards, Scholarships, Grants

  • 2009
    Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts (tuition grant), Salzburg, Austria 
  • 2008
    Early-college program scholarship (half tuition), ECP residency program, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA
    BU Creative scholarship (full tuition), Bangkok University, Thailand (2010-2014) 


  • 2009
    DE LICEIRAS 18, Porto, Portugal 
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