Nuttapon Sawasdee


Nuttapon Sawasdee (b.1989 Bangkok; lives and works in Bangkok) often expands the idea common everyday scenes such as cigarette packs, public space, or monuments, and bring the ignored aspects out to be noticed by the open eyes. His early works comprise mostly of political and social issues. However, he has undergone a major transition that shifts his work more towards personal and subjective values, while still retaining the influence of social issue. Nuttapon’s later work pulls the viewer to experience beyond visual, but to experience with sense, recognition, communication, and mainly sound.

Sound and music play a major role in shaping Nuttapon’s work. His works has been exhibited both in Thailand and foreign countries, e.g., TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN , Bangkok city city Gallery, (Bangkok), Mutual Unknown Exhibition, National gallery of Indonesia (Jakarta), and Mode of Liaisons, Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (Bangkok). His latest work was exhibited as part of a group exhibition ‘Absurdity in Paradise’ at Fridericianum (Kassel). Nuttapon has won two awards in 2013 from Youngthai artist award(first prize) and Brandnew art project.

Selected Works

Up Against The Wall

Up Against The Wall

2018, dimensions variable, video 4K projection on filmed glass with 5.1 surround sound

Up Against The Wall

Up Against The Wall

Curriculum Vitae

Solo exhibition

  • 2018

‘Up Against The Wall’ Gallery Ver, Bangkok

  • 2014

‘Then’ Bangkok university gallery, Bangkok

Group exhibition

  • 2018

‘Absurdity in Paradise’ Fridericianum, Kassel, Germany

  • 2017

‘Two men look out through the same bars : one sees the mud, and one the stars #2’ WTF Gallery, Bangkok

‘TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN’ Bangkok City City Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

‘Mutual Unknown Exhibition’ National Gallery of Indonesia , Jakarta , Indonesia

‘Mode of Liaisons’ Bangkok Art & Culture Centre, Bangkok, Thailand (Collective Project)

  • 2016

‘Unstable Terrain’ Tentacle, Bangkok
‘Absolutely Unsure’ YenakArt Villa , Bangkok

‘Two men look through the same bars: one sees the mud, and one the stars’ The Art Centre Silpak- orn University (Wangthapra), Bangkok, Thailand

‘AnonymousMassage’ Rockbundart museum , Shanghai , China , (Collective Project)

  • 2015

‘Shuffling Spaces’ SeeScape, chiang Mai

  • 2014

‘Katuk exhibition’ Yet-space, Bangkok

‘(Money Faketory : Artist Collective) Recognition System- KUANDU BIENNALE’ Taipei National Uni- versity of the Arts – Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts , Taiwan , (Collective Project)

‘Kingdom , Speedy grandma’ Bangkok
‘CHAOS’ YESTERDAY AND TODAY EXHIBITION, Dark Horse Experiment, Australia – False Things, Galerie Steph , Singapore

  • 2013

‘spotart’  ARTrium@MICA, Singapore
‘CROSS_STITCH : A trans-conceptual exhibition to present the works of young artists’ Bangkok Art & Culture Centre, Bangkok
‘we come in peace’ 3rd World Café, Nakhon ratchasima province, Thailand

‘Confession the exhibition’ Tadu contemporary art, Bangkok, Thailand

  • 2012

‘Art anti corruption’ Bangkok Art & Culture Centre, Bangkok

‘Politic of me’ Bangkok Art & Culture Centre, Bangkok , (Collective Project)

  • 2011

‘38.5 km.’ RMA Institute, Bnagkok artist collective

Residency Program

  • 2017

“Mutual unknown” – By Goethe-Institut Indonesien

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