Kata Sangkhae


Kata Sangkhae was born and raised in Bangkok since 1976. He graduated with a bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts (Visual Arts) from Bangkok University before furthering his education in University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) specialised in sculpture.  After finishing his master degree, Kata moved forward to his doctorate in Philosophy at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT).

Kata normally creates his artworks related to subjects in urban societies, identities, tourism, cultural environment,  political and sociological issues and identities issues of migrants.

Kata has been working as an artist continuously with countless group and solo exhibitions nationally and internationally. His significant solo exhibitions include Narrative of Monuments (2018) ,Kathmandu Photo Gallery, Bangkok, Who Are We? (2015), Dark Horse Gallery, Melbourne, Ghost Identity (2010), Koi Art Gallery, Bangkok, Everest (2004), About Studio/ About Café, Bangkok, You are here (2000), Bangkok University Art gallery, Bangkok, Water room project (1999), 22 Karakadakhom roundabout, Bangkok.

Currently, Kata is an artist and a professor of Visual Arts Department, School of Fine and Applied Arts at Bangkok University.

Selected Works

Our Sunshine


2018, video 45 seconds, and speakers, installation, 2/3+1 AP

Subduing Mara

2018, oil painting, 90 x 120 cm

Helmet of Bomber

2015-2018, digital print on aluminium, 26.6 x 40 cm, 1/3+1 AP

Helmet of Military Power #1 and #2

2015-2018, digital print on aluminium, 22.4 x 40 cm, 1/3+1 AP

The Devil’s Rope

2018, golden razor barbed wire, installation, 1/3+1 AP

We Are Ned Kelly

2018, 6 photographs – wet plate collodion on black glass,plexiglass, aluminium plates, and golden 220,000 frame, various sizes