Atit Sornsongkram


Atit Sornsongkram was born 1981 in Bangkok Thailand, where he now lives and works. Sornsongkram works mainly with the medium photography, in which has been manually constructed and digitally edited. His form-reduced abstract monochrome multisize photograph usually start with questioning and hypothesizing media of photography by playing with the perception of the audience through lighting, duplicating and rearranging of the image. He defines his works as a poem in another form. Sornsongkram started his study in Germany at Kunstakademie Dusseldorf in 2008 in the class of Professor Hubert Kiecol and graduated with title master student from class of Professor Andreas Gursky in 2014.

Sornsongkram’s works have been included in many international art exhibition, among them the exhibition “Black & White” from Dürer to Eliasson at Museum Kunstpalace Germany (2018), “MULTIPLE PLANES” at BACC Bangkok (2018), “Strauss ist raus” part of Düsseldorf Photo Weekend (2017), Brand New 2016 art project and has the solo exhibition “Minded The Monsoon” at Ver Gallery Thailand, “Hidden Traces” part of Düsseldorf Photo Weekend (2016), “SPAGAT” at Gallery A3 Moscow(2014), “EN EL CASTILLO” at MIAC Castillo de San Jose, Lanzarote(2014), Klasse GURSKY STELLT AUS, Hiyoshi Raiôsha Galerie Tokyo(2013)

Curriculum Vitae


  • 2014

Akademiebrief class Prof. Andreas Gursky (Meisterschüler)

  • 2010 

class Prof. Andreas Gursky

  • 2008

class Prof. Hubert Kiecol

  • 2007        

studied at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf Germany

  • 2004        

graduated with bachelor’s degree of applied art from Kmitl Bkk. Thailand

Solo exhibition

  • 2016
    Brand new 2016 art project ‘Mind The Monsoon’ Gallery Ver, Bangkok Thailand

Group exhibition

  • 2018

    ‘appearing unannounced’ Rirkrit Tiravanija ‘s Studio, Chiangmai Thailand

   ‘MULTIPLE PLANES’ Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC)​, Bangkok Thailand

   ‘Black & White’ From Dürer to Eliasson Museum Kunstpalace, Düsseldorf  Germany

   ‘Confessions’ 3FL, Bangkok Thailand

  • 2017

   ‘Strauss ist raus’ Düsseldorf Photo Weekend 2017, Friedrichstr. 61c Düsseldorf Germany

  • 2016

    ‘PESTALOZZI’ Gutenbergstr 55, Wuppertal Germany

   ‘Hidden Traces’ Düsseldorf Photo Weekend 2016, Antichambre im Hotel Friends

  • 2015


  • 2014

     ‘SPAGAT’, Gallery A3, Moskow 

   ‘Overbeckstrasse, Overbeckstr 2′ Fiebach, Minninger, Köln Germany

  • 2015


  • 2014

     ‘SPAGAT’, Gallery A3, Moscow 

   ‘EN EL CASTILLO’ MIAC  Castillo de San Jose, Lanzarote

   ‘Overbeckstrasse, Overbeckstr 2′ Fiebach, Minninger, Köln Germany

  • 2013

   ‘art – hoc  Stahlwerk’ Düsseldorf Germany

   ‘KLASSE GURSKY STELLT AUS’ Hiyoshi Raiôsha, Galerie Tokyo

   ‘Life And Death’ Studio ROH, Düsseldorf Germany

  • 2010

   ‘Stockwerk 12’ Intercontinental Hotel, Düsseldorf Germany

   ‘Evaporation 2’ Daegu, South Korea

  • 2009

   ‘Heisse Kartoffel’ Barom Gallery in Seoul W’University South Korea

   ‘Evaporation’ in Vaseline, Düsseldorf Germany

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